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"Burst into a happier,
healthier YOU !

Sunburst is a different kind of tanning centre - we provide more than just tanning. We have an Oxygen Spa to
refresh and re-energize you; our Hyperbaric Chamber puts more oxygen into your system- something we all need. And we also have Tanning Beds!  We want to help you to stay healthy and to feel good!
Tanning Bed Tanning
Timed indoor tanning gives you a "safe tan";  outdoors, Mother Nature does not check your skin type to time your exposure to UV rays. We do
Oxygen Spa Oxygen Spa
A lack of Oxygen results in a lack of energy, feeling lethargic, etc. Twenty minutes in the spa can fix that as your largest organ (your skin) absorbs oxygen in a warm, steamy environment.
Can you imagine how good that feels?
Health & Wellness
Ion Detoxification removes heavy metals and increases your energy.The CHI Machine will help with Detoxification, Relaxation and generally Feeling Good.

Oxygen Therapy
Do you need more energy? Relax in a pure oxygen environment to increase oxygen in your blood.
Hyperbaric Chamber